The first week of October is finally upon us! Why are we so excited!? Fryeburg Fair Sign Maine Barn Wedding
Well, the Fryeburg Fair, of course! Fryeburg, a town in the western Maine mountains close to Granite Ridge Estate & Barn, is known for their yearly festival of all things Maine. This is a must-visit fair if you are in the area during this time of year. 
The fair has been going on for several years, 164 to be exact. From the candy apples, the animals and livestock, the people visiting from all areas in Maine and the country, and all of the exhibits, the fair has so much to offer anyone that goes. 
Read below to find out our 3 favorite reasons to check out the Fryeburg Fair this year, and every year.
1. Woodsmen's Day- Always the first Monday of the fair, starting promptly at 9am. 
According to the fair's website, "Woodmen's Field Day is a Fryeburg Fair tradition - always the first Monday starting at 9 a.m.  Woodsmen's Field Day is for men and women from all over the U.S. who compete in over 27 woods-related events.  Bucksaw, standing block, the axe throw, tree felling, crosscut and springboard." This is by far one of the most popular days, so expect a crowd and get there early for a good spot to see everything. 
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Photos courtesy of the Portland Press Herald.
2. The Animals- Petting areas, horse shows, piglet catching and more!
The animals are a huge component of the Fryeburg Fair. Many are bought and sold, some are entered into competitions and others are for petting! This fair has it all for anyone of any age. The main focus for the fair has always been to promote and support agriculture. George Weston is the Livestock Chairman.
"Agriculture has always been the main focus of Fryeburg Fair and the Livestock Office is the center of agricultural activity. Nearly every animal that comes to the Fair to be exhibited, shown or judged has paperwork that goes through this office. This means that the owners of everything from a tiny piglet to towering draft horses report to this office during the time they are on the fairgrounds. During the eight days of the Fair, over 3,000 animals are on the fairgrounds for the week." 
Fryeburg Fair Maine barn Wedding Destination Fall Foliage
Photos courtsey of Rachel Andrews Damon, HenCam and J Lounsbury.
3. Buying goods and eating LOTS of food!- Self explanatory.
It is what you do at the fair. You eat a lof of great food (some options may be healthier than others... but that's what all the walking is for, right?!), and, the craftsmen and artisans that exhibit their items are really incredible. So many Maine artists, and many more from all over New England. You can sample and purchase just about anything you see at the fair. 
Fryeburg Fair Food Maine Barn Wedding Fall Foliage
Photos courtesy of the Natural Resource Center.
It only lasts a week, with the final day being Sunday, October 5th. You must hurry up and get there! If you can't make it this year, put it on your calendar for next year! (Oct. 4-11, 2015)
Click here for more information on schedule and general information.
Download the Fryeburg Fair Site Map
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Have fun! 
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