Brides, wedding parties, and mothers of the bride and groom are usually focused on losing weight before thescale big day.  The promise from crash diet and fitness gurus is that you can quickly lose a ton of weight and all will be well. The problem with the fad is that most likely you will re-gain what you have lost right after the wedding. Taking weight off is so much harder than putting it on.

You will probably never be more motivated to lose weight than for a wedding. The pictures are forever and you want to look your best.  As you go forward with your new life,  consider making a giant step in the direction of healthy living.  If done correctly, you will lose the weight you want and have a much better chance of keeping it off after the wedding. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Group Support

Besides motivation, group support whether in person or on the internet has proven to be vital to one’s success.  Two programs I always recommend  are Weight Watchers and SparkPeople.  Both provide support, sound nutrition advice, practical applications and methods of tracking your progress, all components that are needed to lose weight effectively and promote lifestyle changes. Or, try to find a fitness or yoga studio that fits your lifestyle and sign up for a class package. For example, The Ocean Rx fitness studio has a variety of services associated with the water, like stand up paddle board yoga. With a common interest, it can be easier to stay engaged and focused. 

2. Get Outside

At Granite Ridge Estate and Barn you will find a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen and 128 acres on which to hike and explore along with a range of outdoor activities and farmer’s markets in the area. It's been proven that doing activity outside results in more calorie burning because your not focusing on the gym clock aside from the health benefits of sun and vitamin D. Healthy living is just another facet of enjoying Maine,”The way life should be!”

3. Write It All Down

Keep a food journal. It's extremely important when you begin your healthy journey so you can analyze the good and the bad habits in your eating. If a regular journal is not your style, there are fantastic free food and calorie apps for your smart phone like myfitnesspal and

4. Don't Do It Alone

Pick a workout buddy; accountability is motivation. Weight loss and healthy living is hard to do on your own when surrounded by temptation. Try to get the whole bridal party on board.

5. Reward Your Success

Pick a goal and reward yourself when reaching those goals. This could be as simple as buying yourself a new outfit or a weekend away with the girls, for example. Try not to reward yourself with food and celebrate even small goals. Staying positive will keep you on track.

6. Water, Water, and More Water

Cut out all sugary drinks and switch to water! Purchase a nalgene water bottle or something similar that you can wash and refill. Not only will you be cutting out easy calories, but water has proven to be the real weight loss miracle. Most people are chronically dehydrated. Staying hydrated not only speeds up your metabolism naturally, but it will keep you full and it's one of Bob Harper's Skinny Rules. Try drinking a glass of water the second you wake up and before every meal.

7. Stand Up!

Most people are now living very sedentary lives sitting all day. Sitting has been proven to release hormones that tell the body to store fat. Sitting is the new smoking. Move your desk to standing and enjoy up to an extra 250 calories of burn.

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