Meet future Granite Ridge couple, Brenna and Michael. We cannot wait to host these high revs-031576-edited.jpgschool sweethearts at our venue, and we know it’s going to be a wedding that was worth the wait.

How did you two meet? 

Brenna and Michael met in HIGH SCHOOL! Which means they have been together for about a decade. While they didn’t attend the same high school, the pair came across each other at a party. They also did not attend the same college, but Brenna and Michael stuck together through it all. Fast forward to today, and the two are living happily in Boston. They love to attend Revolution soccer games, as Michael is a season ticket holder. They also have a cat named Loki (someone tell them to bring this cat to their wedding so I can cuddle it.) Did I mention they’re both brilliant? Brenna works at Hubspot while Michael is currently in a PhD program at Tufts for “Abnormal Psychologies.” “We’re definitely both very laid back,” Brenna explained. She admits that she might be a little more outgoing than Michael, but that they love to spend time together, go out with their friends and make the most of their down time when they can get it.

How did you two get engaged?

prom.jpgAfter nearly a decade together, I can only imagine how welcome this engagement must have been! Brenna laughed saying, “Yea I think people have been waiting for quite some time, especially my family!” Michael proposed while the couple was spending time in Maine, celebrating Brenna’s grandmother’s 80th birthday. He proposed privately, but afterwards they were able to celebrate with their family and friends.

What vision do you have for your wedding?

“We definitely hope it will be a big party, and fun for everyone.” This laid-back pair definitely are looking forward to celebrating with their loved ones. “It’s become a little more traditional than we anticipated, but we think it’ll all turn out to be a blast.” 

What vendors are you excited about working with?

“All of them have been great!” Brenna and Michael have chosen The Hive for their bartender – what makes them unique is that they set up the bar inside of an Air Stream trailer. They’ve made the excellent choice of working with Heather at The Good Food Store, and Kevin Ouellette at Amazing DJ Music. Their flowers will be provided by Floral Smith, and their cake will be made by Jessica at Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot. Everyone’s hair will be primped by Jen at JMC Weddings and faces perfected by Christine at The Crown

Why did you choose Granite Ridge?

Brenna’s sister had actually attended a wedding at Granite Ridge the previous year, and she could not stop gushing about it. When Brenna made the trip to visit Granite Ridge, she didn’t realize that owner Jill, was also a Hubspot employee. Upon arriving, she realized that Brenna’s sister was right in describing the place’s beauty and stunning views, and the rest is history!


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