Meet Josh and Rachel, a fantastic couple that I was so excited to speak to. Best of all, Josh couple feature, engagement, rustic wedding, new england, maine wedding, barn wedding, love storyforgot to warn Rachel that we would all be chatting – but lucky for me, she was an incredible sport and I got to learn all about them!

How did you two meet?

Rachel had gone to school to be a physical therapist with someone Josh had grown up with, and the pair met for the first time at this mutual friend’s graduation party. Though this friend never mentioned Josh to Rachel, she knew they would be good together. (Friends just have a sixth sense, am I right?) ““Josh was actually talking to another girl at the party, and our friend approached him to say “Josh, you’re really going to like Rachel,” right in front of the other girl!” Apparently, their friend was right, because Josh and Rachel met later that night and have been together ever since!

Tell me a little about you two 

“We are actually total opposites in a lot of ways, but we love to do a lot of the same things.” These two are total adventurers, so they love to travel, hike, camp, go backpacking and rock climbing. Josh and Rachel also love their Bernese Mountain Dog, Drogo, who they describe as “the cutest, cuddliest bear of a creature.” Their pup will be the ring bearer at their wedding. (Incredible name, incredible job choice.) When I asked why they described themselves as opposites, they immediately started laughing. Rachel explained, “Josh is really fast moving, and will dive headfirst into things while I am more the type who will wait and think things through. The things that he’s good at, I am not so good at – and vice versa, so really balance each other out in a great way.” These two were having fun together bantering back and forth, even just chatting with me – so it’s clear they’re not just partners, but the best of friends. 

How did you two get engaged?

couple feature, engagement, rustic wedding, new england, maine wedding, barn wedding, love storyThere was immediate laughter when I asked this question. As it turns out, Josh had attempted to propose to Rachel MULTIPLE times. The pair had decided that they wanted to get married eventually, so they went to try on rings to see what Rachel liked. Rachel assumed this was all hypothetical, but apparently Josh had secretly ordered the ring she had initially liked. “I changed my mind at exactly the wrong time.” Josh was prepared to propose to Rachel while they were traveling through Vietnam – but Rachel’s change of heart forced him to exchange it for the right one. Then, the pair was planning to travel to Hawaii but Josh ended up being unable to go due to work, so his second proposal plan was foiled. They then planned a trip to Iceland, but ended up cancelling because they had adopted their dog around that time instead. Plan 3 foiled. Finally, Josh and Rachel managed to get away (with Drogo in tow) to Maine for a weekend camping trip. On the ride up to Maine, Josh offhandedly asked Rachel what her ideal proposal setting would be, and she said it would be great to be by the ocean in a cottage where they could cuddle by the fire and have lobster. “I thought we were camping all weekend, but it was just for the night. The next night Josh surprised me with a beautiful cottage he had rented right on the water.” As she described in her proposal fantasy, the pair enjoyed lobster by a fire. Shockingly – Josh had planned all this BEFORE she had told him what she had hoped for – which means it was all meant to be. Rachel still had no idea that a proposal was coming – but as they were watching the sunset together, she turned around to find him down on one knee. (I mean how much more perfect can you get?) 

What vision do you have for your wedding?

The couple always wanted to have an rustic and earthy wedding.I had always imagined getting married in the mountains, in the woods surrounded by trees and flowers – so Granite Ridge’s location is totally our jam.” 

What vendors are you excited about working with? 

These two are actually big DIY-er’s, so the only vendor they are working with is a company called Lake Region Caterers and the rest they are doing themselves. Josh is incredibly excited because he is doing their bar himself. “I’m going to pre-make a bunch of cocktails, put them in giant casks for people to serve themselves. He is also going to organize a sangria bar. Josh is also considering having a canoe cooler (yes a legitimate canoe) that would be filled with ice and a variety of local New England beers. How unique and cool is that?

Why did you choose Granite Ridge?

“While we loved Granite Ridge immediately from an aesthetic point of view, it was really Micki that made us choose the place. She was a “yes woman,” when everyone else we had spoken to were not. Every potential idea we threw her way, all she would say is what an amazing idea it was. She was totally onboard with everything we came up with, and we really felt like we could trust her. It made everything so much more comfortable.” The pair love the independence Granite Ridge brings, which allows them a lot more control over the event itself. They also loved that they are able to have the venue for a long weekend, because it gives them precious time with their closest loved ones.

couple feature, engagement, rustic wedding, new england, maine wedding, barn wedding, love story

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