I am so excited to be able to share the love story of Krystn and Steven, a super fun couple that had meimage8.jpg laughing throughout their entire interview. We are so excited to host such a kind and fun pair.

Tell me a little bit about you two! 

The couple first met each other at work back in 2013. Being coworkers made things a little more complicated, so there was no attempt to start dating. Krystn chimed in, “He didn’t want to ask out his boss!” Eventually, Krystn decided to leave their company – and on her last day, Steven gave her a card. After she read it, the pair stayed in contact, and a month later they went on their very first date. I asked them to describe themselves as a couple. “We’re pretty much always up for anything.” Both Steven and Krystn love to challenge themselves to do things they’ve never done before. For example, on Steven’s birthday Krystn took him skydiving. As much as they love to adventure and travel, they’re also a low-maintenance pair. “We’re just as comfortable making a home cooked meal and watching a movie together on a Friday night.” When asked to describe each other, I was able to learn all about the amazing balance in their relationship. “Steve is more laid back and easygoing, but he has a really big heart and is incredibly considerate – and he constantly surprises me.” Steven was quick to lovingly describe Krystn’s spirited nature. “Krystn is more up-front and outgoing – she’s a way better communicator than I am. She has a great smile and is so pretty.” (SWOON.)

How did you two get engaged?

image3 (1).jpgThe pair went on a trip to Lake George and at the time, they were training for a half marathon. ”Even on vacation we had to get our workouts in so I devised a plan to do a little hike,” said Steve. Krystn interjects, “I thought this was going to be an easy hike but it was 2000 feet straight up.” Once they reached the top, Steve began looking for a place that was away from other hikers. While Krystn was taking a photo of the 100+ mile view, Steve bent down on one knee behind her – waiting for her to turn around. Best of all, once he proposed and she said yes, Krystn was determined to not hike back down the mountain. “I had this beautiful ring on my finger, I didn’t want to go through the woods with it! So we ended up walking the extra 6 miles down the paved road of the mountain instead.” When leaving the mountain, they wanted to celebrate at the first place they saw – turns out it was a Ben & Jerry’s! (Um BEST PLACE EVER.) 

What vision do you have for your wedding?

These two want their wedding to be beautiful, fun and have “rustic elegance with a modern touch.” More than anything though, they want to celebrate with their loved ones and have a really fun, stress-free night.


What vendors are you excited about working with?

For their meals, they have employed the magical Fausto and Blue Elephant catering team. They’ve been soimpressed with Fausto’s constant support. For their music, they’ve entrusted Dionne Entertainment. Both Steve and Krystn love how helpful he’s been about making sure their music is just how they like. “We are maniacs on the dance floor.” Apparently these two are known for their dancing and notorious for staying on the floor from the first song until the last.

Why did you choose Granite Ridge?

On paper, they chose the Ridge because it’s an intimate spot, where they can have their closest friends and family come without any stress because it’s so private. In reality, they chose Granite Ridge because it had all of that, AND it had Micki. Micki was so warm and welcoming to them, that they felt a part of the family. Her continued support has been a comfort to them throughout their wedding planning process.


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