Introducing Sarah and Emmett, a fun-loving couple that kept me laughing throughout their rustic wedding, maine wedding, couple feature, barn, new england, love story, proposal, engagemententire interview. It was a blast just being a “fly on the wall” for their banter, so I can only imagine how fun their wedding will be. 

How did you two meet?

The two met at Ned Devine’s, a well-known Boston bar that I can personally tell you is fantastic. Sarah admits, “It was pretty late – but the meeting was totally happenstance.” Sarah was happily dancing along to the song playing, and Emmett approached her. “We were talking, but at some point she sort of yelled at me, as if we had been dating a long time and it was kind of hot!”

Tell me a little about you and your fiancé 

This couple is super outdoorsy – so they love to hike and go camping. Emmett is also an avid fisherman, although according to Sarah, “it’s more of a solo thing.” These two are also FOODIES, also known as the best sort of people. “We love to hunt down cool new restaurants to try.” When I asked how they would describe each other, I was immediately met with laughter.

 “Sarah is feisty girl, she knows what she wants and is direct – but she’s also very caring and loving and thoughtful. She is always thinking of me and everything I like.” 

“Emmett is just so generous, with everything. He just has a heart of gold, he always thinks the best of everyone and everything and is totally happy-go-lucky.”

I mean how much do you want to hang out with these two now?

 How did you two get engaged?

rustic wedding, maine wedding, couple feature, barn, new england, love story, proposal, engagementEmmett proposed to Sarah after a hike on Maine’s Mount Battie. They had hiked that trail years before, and Sarah remembers vividly thinking, “Ugh this is so beautiful, I bet this is where Emmett will propose someday.” When the time came, Sarah had an idea that a proposal may be coming, simply because Emmett had planned them a weekend getaway. “He hadn’t planned anything since our first date, so him planning a whole weekend was definitely unusual. But, he had the whole thing mapped out! Our room had champagne and our hike was planned for Friday.” Sounds simple and idyllic right? Well funnily enough, when they reached the top of the mountain and were taking in the beautiful view, Emmett was preparing to pop the question. Suddenly, the pair notices a group of “hippie looking people” that had set up their blanket and picnic right in the spot where Emmett wanted to propose. “They came out of nowhere!” Emmett, determined to make the proposal perfect, was forced to go over to the group, explain his proposal intentions and ask them if they wouldn’t mind moving. He also asked if they wouldn’t mind also taking a picture of them! When the coast was clear, Emmett proposed and Sarah of course, said yes!

What vision do you have for your wedding?

Both Emmett and Sarah want their day to be relaxing and laid back. “I don’t want to be rustic wedding, maine wedding, couple feature, barn, new england, love story, proposal, engagementworried about anything, I want to enjoy it to the fullest.” Did I mention that Emmett is Irish? His thick accent was one of the best parts of this interview. His relatives are coming all the way from Ireland, so that also means that they hope this wedding is a big fun party!

What vendors are you excited about working with? 

The couple has hired an amazing band, The Crab Shack Band, and they are learning all sorts of songs for Emmett and Sarah’s big day. The pair gushed about how fun and awesome the band has been in helping to plan their part in the wedding. They also love their caterer, Heather with the Good Food Store. Heather has been key in planning and making the pair’s favorite food, as well as soothing any pre-wedding planning nerves.

Why did you choose Granite Ridge?

“Honestly, I kind of knew just from seeing a photograph of the place online,” said Sarah. “We knew we wanted something rustic but upscale.” What made them choose Granite Ridge was not just how beautiful the view was, but because of how much was included in the time they would be there. There were no secret upcharges or astronomical additional charges; the process was straightforward and honest. “We can’t wait for our guests to come, and experience the beauty and atmosphere of the place.”

rustic wedding, maine wedding, couple feature, barn, new england, love story, proposal, engagement

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