Today, it is common for a venue to double book your day with multiple couples. Venue’s are looking to make double the money and only have so Black-and-White-Dance-for-webmany prime weekends to fit in all their high ticket weddings. When booking your wedding you may have known you wouldn’t be the only bride of the day. You might have assumed that it wouldn’t interfere with your wedding. This is an unfortunate assumption that many couples make when they aren’t faced with a choice of having a venue all to themselves. This is something we like to call - The Wedding conveyor belt. 

Here's a story for you....

It’s Finally Your Wedding Day

It is finally your wedding day! You wake up that morning excited, nervous, happy, and bursting at the seems with anticipation! The months of planning have finally paid off and your perfect wedding day is about to unfold. Soon you will be married to the love of your life and off onto your honeymoon as newlyweds! It is a very exciting day and most couples will tell you it goes by incredibly fast.

A Whirl-Wind of Activity and Joy

Your ceremony was beautiful, not a dry eye in the room. You are officially a Pecan-Pie-for-webmarried couple and you couldn’t be happier. It is time to party! Off to the reception. Dancing, cake, garters, food, drinks, friends, family, music, bands, pictures, it's a whirl-wind of activity and joy! You have been so involved in your big day that you haven’t noticed that your reception is coming to an end. You aren’t ready to leave just yet and hope the band will decide to play one last song!

Wait! Those Are My Floral Arrangements

You just made it back out to the dance floor and you noticed your beautiful party is being dismantled right in front of your very eyes! Oh no! There goes your centerpieces one by one. Your guest haven’t even left the venue and your being shuffled out of the venue like you are in line at a fast food restaurant. This may sound like a horror story but its the reality at most wedding venues.

The Granite Ridge Experience - The Weekend Wedding Movement

At Granite Ridge Estate and Barn we are starting a weekend wedding movement. We provide couples with an entire weekend wedding experience. gucci-luggage2We invite couples to arrive on Thursdays or Fridays to give them a chance to unwind, prepare, and relax before their big day. We want them to be able to soak in the crisp Maine air and get a chance to enjoy themselves and their families. When you book your wedding at Granite Ridge Estate and Barn you are booking a wedding get-a-away; not a few hours to get married. You can continue to experience getting married over the course of three days. 

You will never see another bride or groom on your wedding day. Your wedding will be the only wedding of not just the day but the entire weekend. The estate is yours and you will truly be a celebrity from the moment you arrive on our property until you are whisked away on your honeymoon! Come experience Granite Ridge Estate and Barn.



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is the Luxury Event Specialist for Granite Ridge Estate and Barn. She loves all things stylish, organized, and accompanied by an extraordinary glass of wine.

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