Today's feature couple: Kelsey and Mike. This adorable couple will be tying the knot at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn on August 23rd, 2014. We couldn't be more excited for the two of them. We recently interviewed Kelsey, hereGranite Ridge Wedding Couple Kelsey and Mike is their story. 

1. How did you meet? What did you do on your first date?

We met through mutual friends. I am from Maine and Mike is from Vermont. Our friends thought we would be a perfect fit. It took me about 5 or 6 months to agree to go on a blind date. Our first date was a hike up Mt. Adams. We were both a bit nervous since the hike was going to be a pretty time consuming activity. What if we didn't get along?  It takes time to get there, hike up, hike down and then drive home. We were both so happy and relieved that we instantly got along so well and were so immediately comfortable.

2. Have you thought about a wedding theme?

The VENUE is the theme! Neither of us thought we would find a wedding venue that we loved so much, and that we could see our friends and families enjoying it as much as we will. This will be the the first time that our two sets of friends will be in one place. Most of our loved ones are outdoorsy and having a place like Granite Ridge is extremely important to give the true Maine experience. 

3. Have you thought of any DIY Elements or specific personal touches?

Since we only got engaged two weeks ago, not much planning has been done. My mom, Betsy, is considering turning her wedding dress into clutches or bags for the bridesmaids. We also like the idea of picking wildflowers with Mike's nieces and using those for the bouquets.

4. Who will your photographer be?

There will not be a professional photographer hired for the wedding. I have a few family members that are very talented and will be taking the photos for the day. Neither of us likes to be in the spotlight; we want to have more pictures of our guests having fun and enjoying themselves. 

5. What are you most excited about with having your wedding at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn?

What isn't there to be excited about?! Granite Ridge has great views, is outdoors, accessible, we have the ability to hike, and go to the lake. It is private and exclusive, luxurious and rustic, and we get to see familiar faces and faces we don't see very often in the most amazingly perfect location.

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