We at Granite Ridge cannot wait to host the nuptials of Clarice and Austin, both of whom I was lucky enough to get to know. Their good-natured banter back and forth made speaking them both hilarious and all the more special.

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How did you two meet?

(This might be my favorite story ever - truly rom-com material.) Clarice and Austin met on the their commute from work. For a while, the pair took the same train into their city. They had always noticed each other - even going so far as to talk about each other to their respective co workers. “Finally, I just approached her and introduced myself - and it just worked out,” Austin explained. Austin admitted that it had been a long day, and it had taken a significant amount of guts to walk up to her. Clarice explained that they had both gone to the gym after work - causing them both to be drenched in sweat on the train. "I was a mess," Clarice said (but something tells me that wasn't the case.)  It's been six years since then, and it turns out they matched up pretty well! They both are incredibly active and Austin’s more laid-back style balances Clarice’s organized, planner mentality; but best of all they make eachother laugh.

How did you two get engaged?

Clarice and Austin used to live in the same area of Boston, so one weekend Clarice decided to
image1.jpgplan a day trip down memory lane. Her plan was for them to visit all their favorite bars and restaurants, and that’s precisely what they did. After a nice lunch and some drinks, Clarice and Austin went to sit in a park they used to hang out at often. Unexpectedly, Austin started to say sweet things and eventually got down on one knee. “Well, he tried to get down on one knee - I actually pushed him over.” (Obviously Clarice is amazing.)

What is your vision for your wedding?

Much like any couple in their mid-twenties, Clarice and Austin have been to a lot of weddings. “We rarely look back and think about how good the food was, we always think about the atmosphere and how much fun everyone is having, and that’s our main goal for our wedding.” The pair are determined to make sure that every single guests is enjoying themselves. Overall, the wedding is going to be more casual and relaxed. “We just hope that all the work that’s been put in, mostly by Clarice, comes through and that there is a lot of love in the room.”

What vendors are you excited about working with?

Of course - they both are excited to work with ALL of their vendors. For catering (both the wedding and rehearsal dinner,) they have selected The Good Food Store. Flowers will be provided by Pooh Corner Farms and for rentals they are working with Affordable Events. Their delicious carrot cake and white chiffon with raspberry cream cake, will be made by Marta’s Bakery. Kevin Ouellette of Amazing DJ Music will be both their DJ, their wedding MC and their photographer. Both Clarice and Austin said he has been an incredible help throughout their planning process. Their hair and makeup team consists of Hannah Duffy from Hair Reflections and Amanda Miclon from Amanda's Trademark Salon & Spa for hair, and Lori Latham of beautifulME for makeup. 

Why Granite Ridge?

(I know I said my favorite story was how they met, but actually THIS is my favorite.) Clarice is a Maine native - so she knew she wanted her wedding to be in the state. While they looked at several locations, nothing was like Granite Ridge. “Seeing it was like a punch in the face - like the place was saying you guys should get married here - especially after we walked around the barn and found out we could stay there for the weekend.” Although they loved the place, Austin and Clarice wanted to really think it through before making a final decision. One night, Clarice went out for drinks with a friend, leading to her coming home with a respectable buzz. While Austin watched TV, thinking Clarice was asleep - Clarice started shouting at him from their bedroom. “Marry me at Granite Ridge, marry me at Granite Ridge!” Although Clarice doesn’t remember doing this - they both agreed that the event sort of sealed their decision and they knew Granite Ridge was the place for them.

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