There is nothing more fun than unexpectedly speaking to someone from your small image4.jpghometown. Recently, I spoke to one of our beautiful GR Brides, Lindsay. Her and her fiancé, Austin, have been together for over 10 years and we are so excited to celebrate their decade of love, here at Granite Ridge.

How did you two meet?

The pair met working their summers away waiting tables at a seaside restaurant, (amazingly) called “The Whale’s Tale.” It was the summer before Lindsay’s senior year of college and the summer before Austin’s junior year of college. Taking into account the fact that Austin is a Maine native, Lindsay described him as “outdoorsy, and someone who loves to fish and hunt.” The pair love to spend time in Maine, fishing and boating together whenever they can find time during their busy schedules. Lindsay believes his love of the outdoors is part of what gave him his incredible work ethic, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. (Yes, Austin owns his own successful contracting business!) Both Lindsay and Austin share this work ethic, as well as outgoing natures that “just go together so well.” “We’ve been together for 10 years, which means throughout our twenties and now our thirties - we’ve just built a life together. It feels like we’re already married.”

How did you two get engaged?

I keep saying this, but seriously this is one of my favorite stories ever. You know it’s going to be good when the answer starts with a small laugh. Austin and Lindsay got engaged in June 2015. One night after work, the pair were going to go to image1_1.jpgdinner - so they went to their local bar to grab a drink beforehand. In order to get to the restaurant from the bar, you have to walk up a sizeable hill that overlooks the city. “Imagine 90 degrees, humid, hot, disgusting weather - we both were soaked in sweat.” Once they reached the top of the hill, Lindsay spotted a mutual best friend of theirs, standing behind a tree, which naturally confused her. Then - Lindsay’s sister, Brittany (who is her Maid of Honor) and several close friends all popped out from behind trees in the park holding sings, saying "Will you marry me?" Suddenly, Austin is down on one knee, proposing! This was all a total surprise to Lindsay - so much so that she didn’t notice that Austin was holding the ring box towards himself. “Our friend, Nan, was there with her camera capturing this whole thing and when we looked at photos of the proposal, we noticed that Austin was essentially proposing to himself. We all had a good laugh! I think he was a little nervous and excited in the moment."

Do you have a vision for your wedding?

Lindsay immediately responds with, “If Austin hears the word “whimsical” one more time I think he’s going to lose it!” The couple is looking to combine Austin’s rugged, nature-loving persona with Lindsay’s vision of a romantic, elegant and whimsical but sophisticated. “We just want it to stay true to who we are as people and as a couple.”

What vendors are you excited about working with?

Of course, they are excited about ALL their vendors. Their “amazing, super helpful and truly image5-077630-edited.jpgtalented” wedding planner is Lani Toscano of Lani Toscano Designs. Their florist is Judy from Flora Fauna. One vendor they are particularly excited to work with is Fire & Company, a vendor they chose because of the young owner, Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit, which they found relatable. Emilie Inc is their selected photographer and their cake will be provided by Jessica Parrott from Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott. They really chose their vendors based on who they had an emotional connection with.

Why Granite Ridge?

Both Lindsay and Austin wanted to find a place that would speak to both of their wedding visions - so it needed to be woodsy and beautiful, but still elegant and formal. But, when they went to Granite Ridge, what really sold them was Micki, our beloved GR mom. Micki was incredibly responsive to Lindsay’s many questions. Her honesty and relaxed nature never made them feel like they were being “sold.” “Of course the view was incredible, the barn is beautiful and it’s in the perfect setting, but you never want to feel coerced into anything when you’re about to spend a significant amount of money - you want to be reassured you are making the right choice, and Micki made us feel confident and comfortable with our decision.”


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