There are so many fun ways to keep you and your guests entertained throughout your wedding, but games are always the best! Thanks to Bridal Guide and The Knot for these awesome ideas!

Lawn Games

There are a ton of lawn games that are great for outdoor weddings. Consider life-sized Jenga, horseshoes, sack races, life-sized checkers, bean bag toss; etc. Things like that are easily made at home and are sure to bring a lot of unexpected fun to your reception! 

Shoe Game 

Get the entire wedding involved in the fun by playing the Wedding Shoe Game. I can personally attest to it’s fun factor – when I witnessed this game, it had the whole room in stitches. The Wedding Shoe Game requires that the bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back. Both the bride and groom’s shoes are removed so that the couple holds one of each shoes in hand. Have either the DJ or a member of the wedding party read the questions out loud while the couple in the hot seats raise the shoe representing the person they think fits the question best! Want to make it even more wild? Have your guests write their own questions and place them in a box before the start of the game.

Bride & Groom Trivia 

Leave little cards at each table for your guests to fill out during any down time at the reception. It’s a fun way to get the guests at each table talking and laughing as they try to remember as many facts about you and your partner as possible!

Date Jar

Set up a little table for your guests to fill out date ideas on a Popsicle stick. It lets your friends and family get creative, but it helps you in the long run! 

InstaPix Camera for Guest Book

We love this idea! Set up a photo book next to a few of the cute Instapix cameras so your guests can instantly take photos of themselves to place in your guest book. This is such a fun way to create unique snapshots of your wedding day, rather than just having a book of signatures! 

Have Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are not taboo anymore – they’re useful and are sure to make your wedding that much more fun. Set up a station with a couple selfie sticks for guests to use and get ready to be a part of some amazing photos and videos. 

S’mores Station

What better munchies at an outdoor wedding than S’mores?! We recently had a couple have an amazing S’mores station set up at their wedding, and it was a HIT! Your guests will thank you for having a delicious and interactive snack for them to make (if they take a break from dancing, that is!)

Board Games

Some of your guests may be wallflowers, but they still want to have a good time. Consider having a table of card or board games that guests can borrow for the evening to play! It’s also a great idea for kids that definitely will need to stay entertained!

Caricature Artist

Okay, so maybe this is a little out there – but how fun would it be to have a caricature artist at your wedding even for a little while? It’s fun, plus your guests get to take home a treasured memento from the evening.

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