It's time to talk about the dreaded Thank You card process. Of course you're so grateful to everyone for their thoughtful gifts, and you want to show appreciation - but that doesn't make the process any easier or make it go faster! Here are a few ideas to help!

When you're unwrapping gifts, ask someone else to write down givers' names on sticky labels so you can keep track.

Once gifts are unwrapped, it’s hard to keep track of the names of those who gave you the gift. Sticky labels on the unwrapped gift can help to mitigate that stress while you’re trying to keep track of everything. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.50.55 PM.pngHave guests fill out envelopes or post cards with their addresses at the reception to make thank-you notes that much simpler to send.

We love this idea, because so many guests are already planning to sign into your guest book – that you can simply make it into a space where they place their most recent address! 

Use Post Cards

Eliminate envelopes entirely and send personalized post cards to your guests as a thank you note. It will save you money but it’s just as thoughtful.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.47.36 PM.pngSend A Video

There are fun online apps like ThankView where you can make videos to send out to your friends and add effects and such. You can even show them how you're using their gift! It’s a unique way to say thank you, and it gives you the chance to get personal.

Seal envelopes with water and a foam brush.

Don’t use your saliva! It’ll wear you out big time, so try instead using a foam brush with a bowl of water to activate the envelope’s sticky edges. It’s faster and way more efficient. 

Use a personalized return address stamp (or stickers) to save tons of time.

WE LOVE THIS. It’s not only fun to have your own stamp, but it will save you tons of time when you’re writing out all your thank you cards. Order your own stamp from a store like Cre8tiveRubberStamp on Etsy.

Order printed envelopes

There are plenty of websites, like MintedWedding that make lovely thank you cards and pre-printed envelopes. You can skip the stress of writing your friend’s addresses by hand and save your fingers for the personal note inside!


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