Right now, personalized Instagram hashtags are one of the hottest wedding Wedding Hashtag Signtrends. They are a unique way to integrate social media sharing into your special day. Some are straightforward, some have a clever play-on-words, but they are ALL fun. Here are some tips to having the ultimate #weddinghashtag!

  • The technical purpose of a hashtag is to making the collection of wedding photos taken by your friends and family easily searchable via social media. That also means that the hashtag must be totally unique. You don't want to have to sift through stranger's photographs to find yours! Be sure to search it on social media to confirm it's your own. 
  • Make sure the hashtag is simple and easy to remember. That makes it easier for your friends and family to remember and share. As a fail safe, set up signs or chalkboards with your hashtag so there's no way they'll forget!
  • Don't make your hashtag too long, as it can lose it's fun and might not be used by your guests. #Thiswouldbesuperannoyingtotypeeverytimesomeonesharedaphoto!
  • Acronyms can be 0kay SOMETIMES, but make them too long and it'll get really confusing. #JLALGRSMAIR stands for "Jaime Lee Adams loves Granite Ridge So Much Am I Right?" Do you see what I mean?
  • Think FUN! It'll give the hashtag shareability and will make your guests will WANT to use it. Often times, some of most fun hashtags are the ones that are play on words but that can sometimes get a little complicated and might not work for everyone.
  • My best suggestion is to try to come up with a hashtag that uses your last name or future last name. Find a website with a list of idioms, like this onethat lists examples from A to Z. Idioms are the easiest way to find inspiration for a play on words that will suit your names (or anything else you'd like!) For example, I have a friend who's future last name is Leard - so I suggested "#LeardTheWay" and "#LastbutnotLeard." There really is no limit to what you can come up with.
  • In addition to all of this, try using a hashtag generator! They can be really helpful and even if you don't use the ones the program comes up with, they are helpful resources to jumpstart your creativity. 

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