Whether you want a Maine barn wedding, an oceanfront event, a black tie extravaganza or something that is just YOU, how much is it going to cost is on everyone’s radar. Thinking of what your wedding is going to cost you is  like purchasing a car:  You can go from from economy to luxury with everything in between. A brand new car is great no matter what you choose, but some are willing to pay for extra features and luxuries.  In other words, your special day can be as intimate as  having a nice small  get-together to celebrate your union or as luxurious as  a 5 star event with all the trimmings.  

Pricing depends upon your choices. 

In 2016 the new statistics put the cost of a wedding in Maine at $29-32,000 as an AVERAGE number, with costs ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000.   This does not include the ring or the honeymoon. Compare this to Manhattan where the AVERAGE is about $88,000, Chicago which is around $49,000 and Boston at $39,000. So where does the money go?  

Statistics vary, but in general the 6 top expense items are:

  • the venue
  • food
  • liquor
  • photographer
  • music 
  • ceremony site.

At Granite Ridge Estate & Barn, wedding costs range from $30,000 to $100,000+. All have been beautiful and fun and have reflected the dreams and taste of the couples.  

How do you start?

Check out my next blog (coming soon!) “How do I budget my wedding costs?”

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