This is a quick and easy project that will make you smile when you see your ring bearer bring it down the isle. TheRustic DIY Wedding Ring Pillow most time consuming part of the project is picking out the pillow and ribbon to match your wedding colors. Feel free to make this pillow vibrant or neutral depending on your wedding colors. 

Things you need:

   1. 1 spool of ribbon  

   2. 1 Pine cone grouping, 2 or 3 cone grouping  ( the ones that come on a long, green wire stem )

   3. Small pillow - any color

   4. Fabric ( any color ) for back of pillow

   5. Needle / Thread 

   6. Scissors 

   7. Wire cutters


   1. Cut a small hole in the center of the pillow both on the tip and the bottom of the pillow

   2  Pull the green wire stem through the hole you just created on the pillow and push through the back, fold the wire stem and cut of the excess with the wire cutters

   3. With needle and thick thread, start from the base of the pinecone and go through to the back of the pillow to create an indentation under the cones and tie a knot

   4. Cut a heart out of your fabric to sew on the back of the pillow to cover the excess green stem and protect your ring bearer's hands

   5. Tie a long stran of ribbon around each pine cone and let the ribon dangle off of the pillow - this can be used to secure or tie around the rings

We hope you enjoy this project and email us with an questions!


Rustic Ring Pillow

DIY Rustic Wedding Pillow

Photography provided by Hailey Tash Photography


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