This adorable, fun loving couple is getting married with us this month (June 2016) at Granite Ridge! We Granite Ridge Coupleshave been anxiously awaiting this wedding and can't wait to share in their special day. JoLonna shared their romantic story with us. 

How did you meet?

It was a total chance meeting. We met at a church convention in New Hampshire. Jonathan's parents were living there and neither one of us were supposed to be there. (Serendipity!)

How did you two get engaged? ( Wait for this one!)

We were in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) for Christmas and were going out for date night. I sent Jonathan a few pictures of outfits I could wear and he was very clear he wanted me to wear the white one. His mom even helped me iron the dress. We ended up going to the restaurant an hour early because he claimed it was really far away. Because we were so early we went for a walk on Pompano Beach which was completely secluded except for one guy taking pictures. I had a feeling something was up; Jonathan was acting incredibly strange and I could sense there was something he wasn't telling me. I couldn't figure out what he would be hiding from me.  Jonathan stopped walking and said, "You know that thing I would always tell you some day..." and got down on one knee. I was totally speechless and it took me a minute to say "YES!"  The man with the camera was about 6 feet away snapping pictures, Jonathan had hired him! We ended up having a 45 minute photo shoot and had dinner at the Sea Watch restaurant. 

JoLanna Grimmis

Do you have a vision for your wedding?

Our wedding colors are Ivory and Champagne with pops of Peach and Corn Blue. I really want an elegant country themed event, but one that creates a blend of seriousness and light 22-IMG_8077-633171-edited.jpgheartedness. I want a space where guests can come together, relax and have fun, but still be reminded of the fact that they are at a wedding. 

Are there any vendors you are looking forward to working with?

I met with Laurie Andrews and she is going to make the day amazing. All of the vendors have been great to work with including Blue Elephant Catering and our photographer, Michelle Turner. I am most excited about the flowers!

Why did you pick Granite Ridge as your wedding venue?

My family is from far away and the fact that we can all come together and hang out in the lodge for a few quiet days is so important to us. The togetherness is what we are most looking forward to in a beautiful setting. 

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is one of the owners of Granite Ridge Estate & Barn. It's her mission to make sure her couples have the best day of their lives. She writes about all things weddings, event planning, and romance in Maine. She was married at Granite Ridge to her husband Gabe and is now the proud mom of Joanna (a.k.a Baby Jedi).

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