Wondering how to allocate your wedding funds for your Maine wedding?Black_and_White_Dance.jpg Overwhelmed? Here are three easy things to remember to keep you on track whatever your budget. When in doubt, stick to these and keep things simple. It's easy to go down the "Pinterest Path" and rack up $100K of wedding costs which is okay if that's what you can spend. If it's not, resist the urge and work with your wedding professionals to guide you.

1. Have a number in mind

First, and foremost, have a number that you can spend. Most couples I have dealt with at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn have an amount they are planning to spend and then happily find out that parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles have been planning on adding to the pool of money available. Some already know. The average wedding in Maine for 125 people starts at around $29,000 so that should be a good number to start with. Whatever the case, come up with a number and plan to stick with it. Whatever you have to spend, your day will be special.

2. Understand Your Guest List Number To Begin the Math

Get your guest list together and divide that number into your budget to see what you are spending per person. THIS IS VITAL. It will also serve a a way to measure what you are spending. If you take each expense and divide by your guest list you can add these figures up and stay on your target.

3. Remember Your Priorities

Prioritize what is important to you and stick to it. Most couples want their guests to have a great experience, but that can vary. So, as an example, couples who choose Granite Ridge put a destination venue as their top priority to have a secluded place to spend time with their family and wedding party. Others choose a venue that fits their lifestyles such as a campground around a lake or a resort on the ocean. Some want the food to be the focus and are willing to spend extra dollars on that. Some want to spend extra dollars on a great band vs a DJ. Talk this over with your fiance' and come up with a list. My daughters top three priorities were her dress, the venue (Granite Ridge), and her photographer (Hailey and Joel). 

So, if you have $225 to spend per person, you take your venue cost and divide by your guest number. Say it comes out to $66. You have $159 dollars left to spend on food, liquor and entertainment. Let’s say your food is $50 per person and liquor $35 per person you then subtract that from the $159 and you now have $55 to spend per person on entertainment, favors, flowers, props, rentals, officiant, invitations, photography and wedding party gifts. If you are having a destination wedding, don’t forget housing for your family and wedding party if that's something you are chipping in for!

Whatever your wedding budget, just remember, the most important part of the wedding is you and your fiance'. The rest, always will, fall into place.

Watch for my next blog on how to pick a caterer.


Black and white photo: Hailey and Joel ,  Dancing Scene: Bella Wang Photography

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