At Granite Ridge Estate and Barn, many of our couples are hoping for an outdoorMaine Wedding Day Weather wedding ceremony. We find ourselves checking the weather minute by minute, however the forecasts were never really accurate and wouldn't let us know exactly what was happening on our mountain. Queue Mallory Brooke, our local mete0rologist that has saved us in a few weather pinches this season giving us uptodate and accurate weather forcasts, sometimes down to the minute! Here is a little more about Mallory and her company Whitegold Wedding Forecats and how she can help guide you through your special day wedding forecast needs. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself, and what inspired you to become a meteorologist

I’m a New Jersey native that moved to Maine for a broadcast meteorologist job at WMTW Channel 8 in 2011. A graduate of Penn State University, I received my Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and love to watch the Nittany Lions play football. I live in Norway with my husband Jared, who is Norway born and raised, along with his two daughters Carlee-Mae & Alyson, and dog, Riesy. We love to spend time outdoors, and are avid runners, hikers, skiers and triathletes. I’ve participated and been a top fundraiser in Maine Cancer Foundation’s Tri For A Cure for the last 6 years.

My love of weather stemmed from the Blizzard of 1996. It was one of the most significant storms on record for New Jersey and occurred when I was in 4 th grade. I remember staying up all night taking measurements and watching The Weather Channel. Once the nearly 3.5 feet of snow fell, I was left in awe and yearned to understand how it happened. Later that year, I was in the middle of a soccer game when a strong thunderstorm rolled in and produced a tornado that damaged our junior high school. Interesting and complex weather was all around me and I wanted to understand all the why’s and how’s of the atmosphere.

Tell me about your consultancy, what services it provides to clients

Whitegold Wedding Forecasts is there to bring you pinpoint, customized weather forecastsWedding Umbrellas that goes beyond the accuracy of your standard weather app. All the guess work and worry is eliminated. I’ve been forecasting and working in the Northeast for over 10 years, and know how quickly the weather can changes from town to town – especially in Maine. I deliver the most update to date information to you, your venue, or your planner, as important decisions are being made. From 10 day outlooks to an hourly weather forecast, or even having me on site for your wedding day, Whitegold Wedding Forecasts provides it all.

Nor’easter Weather Consulting is the parent company of Whitegold Wedding Forecasts. The consultancy also brings customized forecasting to corporate events, recreation, and snowmaking for ski areas. I’m excited to say this is the second year I’ve been asked to be the official meteorologist for the Audi FIS Women’s World Cup in Killington! In addition, I’m an advocate for women in STEM, so there’s also focus on bringing meteorology into the classroom and inspiring young ladies to delve into the sciences.

Why should people seek out your services? What benefit will it have for them?

An accurate, precise forecast on your wedding day is crucial to planning and decision making. Leave the hard work to me as you focus on enjoying the moments with your friends, family and loved ones. Forecasts from apps or generic weather websites are automictically populated from raw computer model data, without any human interaction. This leaves a lot of room for error on your most important day. Computer models still have too low of resolution to distinguish mountains, lakes, and even islands – which means they typically miss the microclimates of Maine. Phenomena such as the sea breeze, pop up storms, mountain-induced weather – all missed by general technology but can still be highly impactful to your big day. With my forecasts, you can plan for temperature extremes, high impact weather events, and give your guests the most precise travel forecast as they venture to Maine. You can even have me on site to monitor adverse weather conditions.

What is your vision for the future of your consulting firm?

Weather is all around us and affects everything we do. I want to be able to provide clients with the most detailed, accurate forecast so they can plan, or change plans accordingly. It’s tough to see months of preparation get rained out, or a business lose thousands of dollars over foreseeable inclement weather. Let us help you prevent loss and last minute changes. These forecasts can help better prepare brides, venues, businesses, event coordinators – even outdoor enthusiasts, for what lies on the horizon, and get the most of our beautiful outdoors.

You mentioned you work with vendors, in what capacity and how can that better serve clients?

Venues likes Granite Ridge are on a preferred venue list as they sign up for their own forecasting services. Therefore when a client chooses Granite Ridge as their venue, they receive discounted rates on more specific forecasts or on-site monitoring. It’s a win-win for both the venue and client.

How did you connect with Granite Ridge, and why do you want to partner with them?

My husband and I chose Granite Ridge for our fall wedding in October of 2015. It was the most wonderful day of our lives and we have so many unforgettable memories from our wedding and the days leading up to it. Granite Ridge and the Fratianne Family hold such a special place in our hearts and we immediately wanted to partner with them on this new venture. They love their community, support innovation and of course, they love all things Norway. The Granite Ridge crew is top-notch and will do whatever is necessary to make sure everything is perfect, inside and out – which includes the weather!

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