We recently met up with Jennifer Domenick of Love Life images and asked her for her thoughts on how to Love Life Imageshave the best Maine wedding photos ever. Jennifer has been named one of Washington DC areas best wedding vendors every year since 2003 by Washingtonian Magazine and The Knot, in addition to being featured in numerous local and national publications and blogs. Having the perfect photos takes some thought and planning and yet another reason why we trust it to the professionals! Here are 5 tips from Jennifer to make sure your wedding photos turn out exactly as you have envisioned and some things you might not have thought of.
1. Understand when the sun goes down!
This is an easy one to forget! When you are planning your wedding a year or two in advance, it's important to understand exactly when the sun rises and sets. You can useJennifer Domenick Photographer this sunset calendar to figure out exactly when. The "Golden Hour" happens 2 hours before sunset. Everything starts to glow. Shaded pictures and portraits are perfect at this time as the sun will start to streak through the camera. It's also incredibly dramatic for a couple to have the sunset behind them while taking their vows and the guests get a beautiful view of the sunset. 
2. Make sure you have a lighting strategy during the reception.
Couples can often overlook the importance of paying for a lighting concept or plan for the reception. Barns in particular can be too dark for great pictures after the sun goes down. Make sure you work with a wedding planner, lighting specialist, or party rental company to design a reception lighting plan so your photographers can capture the event or else you may end up with very few, if any, pictures from the reception that are everything you had hoped. 
3. Mark the spot where you and your bridal party will be standing during the ceremony.
Many couples get caught up in the moment ( who wouldn't! ) and forget to stand in theJennifer Domenick Photographer center of the alter. Be prepared to feel disoriented and distracted as you walk down the isle. The last thing on your mind will be "am I centered?." Make sure during the rehearsal some one lays down a stick ( if you are outside ) or puts down a piece of tape for both you and your significant other. You don't want to end up with off centered photos for eternity!
4. Feed your photographer.
The very best caterers come prepared to feed all of your vendors. However, make sure before hand that they have enough food for everyone, including your photographer. A little bit of fuel goes a long way!
5. The dress may need to get a little dirty.
Guaranteed, if your photographer is asking you to stand in a field, or in a place that the dress might get a little dirty, they are only asking because the risk is much smaller than the reward. Chances are the picture that will come out of the shoot will be spectacular and no one will even notice some dirt underneath your dress.
Jennifer Domenick Photgrapher
Jennifer, we can't thank you enough for taking some time to help our future couples have the best Maine wedding photos... ever. As always, keep calm and plan on!
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is one of the owners of Granite Ridge Estate & Barn. It's her mission to make sure her couples have the best day of their lives. She writes about all things weddings, event planning, and romance in Maine. She was married at Granite Ridge to her husband Gabe and is now the proud mom of Joanna (a.k.a Baby Jedi).

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